Bodacious Blooms

Locally & naturally grown seasonal bouquets.
Flower delivery service to Moab, & Castle Valley, UT locations!

Custom Flower Bouquets

Think of Canyon Nursery when you need a gift or some special event decorations,
delivery service is included in the price to Moab & Castle Valley, UT!
 Just say YES to the joy of flowers!

Subscription and Single Bouquet Orders Are Available

A pre-paid seasonal subscription be-flowers you for 3 months; choose 1 or subscribe to both! Your subscription can be for weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly delivery.
Single Bouquet orders and pricing are also available.

Seasonal Subscriptions:
Spring (April, May, June)
Summer (July, August, Sept.)
*Order by July and we can overlap your subscription into the next season
Special arrangements available for Holidays – Thanksgiving/Christmas

We offer three sizes:
Large Bouquet: 2 liters or more size
Medium Bouquet: 1 liter size
Small Bouquet: coffee mug size

Bodacious Blooms Bouquet Order Form

Bouquet Seasonal Subscriptions Options

Single Bouquet Order (non-subscriber pricing)

Weekly (12 deliveries)

Semi-Monthly (6 deliveries)

Monthly (3 deliveries)

12 + 8 =

See What Our Customers Have to Say!

Bodacious Blooms of Canyon Nursery is amazing. They should be your go-to for all things flowers, bloom related in Moab! Enough said. The rest of the story: My wife and I traveled to Moab for a much needed time away to be together and present with and for each other. I had started a tradition of having a bouquet of flowers for her in the room with a card when we arrive. Admittedly thinking of where and how to get it done in Moab created a challenge. We stayed at the Moab Springs Ranch Resort (MSRR). Lisa at MSRR recommended reaching out to Alice at Canyon Nursery. Canyon Nursery also does the flowers around the MSRR. I reached out to Alice and explained what I wanted to do. She responded she would have a “beautiful bouquet there for us when we arrived.” That was no exaggeration. The test for how much my wife enjoys and likes surprise is if she tears up. She did. The challenge became how to get at least some of the arrangement back home to Virginia. She wrapped a few of the yet to open blossoms in alunimu foil with a wet paper towel and put them in her suitcase. They made it. Thank you Alice, Canyon Nursery/Bodacious Blooms for bring joy to my wife and helping me maintain my hero status with her.”


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